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For Professionals

We believe in providing the most effective treatment possible for our clients and understand this requires collaboration with other professionals. Our team is also available to speak with professionals in a variety of capacities:

Care Collaborations

Providers of other disciplines or fields are welcome to consult with our experts around mental health concerns. For example, a dentist may have questions about purging behaviors or a coach may have a question about exercise limits. We offer these consultations at no cost and enjoy the relationships we build through them.

Case Consultations

We offer case consultation to providers of therapy services who are seeking consultation around a specific client. We can provide weekly or as needed consultation with specific theory, intervention, and support.


Individuals who are seeking training in a new specialty may request weekly or as needed supervision in learning the specialty. For example, a therapist who completed a DBT Intensive Training may require or desire additional supervision when starting with clients under the new discipline.


Our team of experts can provide training and workshops to small or large groups in content areas within our disciplines. 

We also offer practicum placements for doctoral students in their 3rd or 4th year.

We provide shadowing opportunities for master degree students. 

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