Non-Diet Nutrition Intervention

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition defines chronic dieting syndrome as going on-and-off calorie restriction for over two years, combined with an obsession with one's own weight and size. Struggling with on-and-off dieting, or yo-yo dieting, can be very frustrating and  thoughts about food and body can consume the majority of the day. This pattern of dieting can cause unwanted long-term outcomes. This intervention program is aimed at healing challenges with food and body, and stop the cycle of dieting. This program is designed for individuals needing a lifestyle change for better health and an improved relationship with food. Individuals with a medical or mental health diagnosis are encouraged to seek treatment via nutritional counseling.

Indication the program might be beneficial: 
  • Constant worry about portions and quantity of food

  • Focus on "shoulds" of eating, instead of "wants" 

  • Constantly thinking about food and weight

  • Difficulty enjoying dining out, vacations, or other experiences where food is less controlled

  • Frustrated with the dieting process, but scared to stop dieting

  • Refusing to keep certain foods in the house because of fear of eating it all

  • Identifying food as "good" and "bad" with guilt when eating something considered "bad" 

  • Feeling out of control when eating certain foods

  • Wanting to not worry about what to eat or what has been eaten 

  • Needing to learn to trust body to determine when, what, and how much to eat

  • Wanting to accept and appreciate body

  • Feeling done with dieting 

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